Frequently Asked Questions

Will my prospective tenants have to give their consent?
Yes. We require consent from each individual being referenced. If the tenants apply online they will be prompted to print, sign and return a consent declaration to us. In the case of a Company Reference report no consent is required.

What if my prospective tenant has negative credit history?
If your prospective tenant has CCJ or Bankruptcy data registered against them it is unlikely we will recommend the tenancy proceeds without a guarantor.  If the adverse data is severe we may recommend the tenancy does not proceed under any circumstances.

My prospective tenant has a low income.  How will this affect their application?
During the referencing process we will verify that the prospective tenant(s) have sufficient income to meet the monthly rental.  If we are not satisfied the tenant has sufficient income we will recommend that a guarantor is obtained.

My prospective tenant is employed on a temporary contract.  How will this affect their application?
As part of the referencing process we will verify that the tenant is in employment that is likely to last for the duration of the tenancy.  If they are employed in a temporary capacity or on a fixed term contract with less than six months remaining it is likely that obtaining a guarantor will be recommended. 

My prospective tenant is self-employed.  How will you verify their income?
Some self-employed people will have an accountant we can contact to verify their income and obtain their most recent accounts.  If the prospective tenant does not use the services of a qualified accountant we will request their most recent tax return as proof of income.

My prospective tenant is unemployed.  Will they pass referencing?
A tenant that is unemployed or on housing benefit is likely to be declined if they do not have the support of a guarantor.

What is your cancellation policy?
If the processing of the application has not yet started (i.e. your tenant has not completed their application form) then we are able to offer a refund subject to a £5 administration fee per person to cover our transaction fees.  Alternatively we are able to offer you a credit to use when you next need a tenant reference.

If the processing of the application has started (i.e. we have carried out credit checks or contacted referees we regret we are unable to offer a refund or credit.

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